Setting Up House with Mi Amor ♥ :: {House&Home}|{Design&Decor}

In several months Dave & I will (hopefully) have gotten our shit together in both of our lives enough that we will be in the position to finance and move into a brand new place of our very own! I can’t express enough how much the thought and dream of this becoming our actual reality in only a few months excites and tantalizes me. I cannot possibly list each and every thing, idea, etc that I have racing around my brain at 10,000mph! There are just so many different pieces or goals I know I personally have myself, not including all the ones that Dave will bring to the table. The sky is truly the limit once we get the ball rolling on this and our affairs in the suitable order necessary for us to move forward!

So while we are still in the dream/brainstorming stage of things a little harmless and fun browsing of different ideas and tips relating to home decor won’t hurt. Maybe they’ll even inspire some more motivation to be gathered up from some place within and get my ass in gear! 

Apartment Design & Decor Ideas & Examples




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