Free falling, now I’m free falling.. [LOVE]

Love of my life, as you lay beside me peacefully in slumber, I stroll through the ocean of reasons as to why I love you so.. No shortage of answers as to why, I too feel peaceful laying beside my lovers embrace. Its cozy and calm.. It’s become the temporary home that weve established within the 4 bedroom walls he calls his own. Its like our own teeny tiny world in there for me sometimes. I often get anxious or scared for who knows what reason or another and retreat to the bedroom and the comfort of putting myself further away and behind a closed door… Everything else outside here fades in the background on mute. I’ve become lost in “our” world. The one Dvave and I have created together.. I like it here and for the first time in my life that feels so thrilling and naturally real rather than forced and mashed together into soimething it’s really not. This feeling is terrifying and elecrtifying; I couldn’t give up the chance and so I let myself fall freely into love. You became the risk I knew so clearly worth taking.



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