Thoughtful Thursdays :: {QUOTES*INSPIRE}


Some things are meant to be broken.
Imperfect. Chaotic. It’s the universes
way of providing contrast. There have
to be a few holes in the road.
Its how life is.

actions do speak louder
than words. but words are
the sparks that light the fire.

under this city
you’d find what used to be my dreams.
when you rise over the skyline
it makes a mess of everything.
& to this day I wonder what it’s like
to be the biggest star up in your sky.

what doesn`t kill you
only makes you stronger.
so when you think you`re hurting me,
you`re just helping me last longer.

keep your expectations low
your drinks full
& your friends by your side

in our love story, there may be commas,
but never a complete stop

romance is the glamour
that turns the dust of everyday life
into a glittery haze

I’ve been dreaming of waking up happy
under the sun in the smog, & traffic &
dreams of california, this lonely life takes
the i-75 to try & forget, the people and
friends that forgot able me when i left.

I need a faster car now,
A rocketship straight to the moon.
I need a faster way to show you
Just how much I need you.

I’m sitting on the fender
Of someone else’s truck.
Drinking Old Crow Whiskey
And a hot 7 Up,
Out in the parking lot .


I grew up where I could see the stars
Drinking sweet tea from a Mason Jar.
Dogwood trees like leaves through the pine.
People on the porch watching the fireflies.
And driving around the Wal-Mart on Friday night

well, she grew up just south of Eau Claire
dreaming of a dirt road anywhere
and the boys, they would drive her right into the night
and through the darkness she could at least see city lights
and if you’re going to go a mile
may as well go all the way
oh, and you were moving.

We live in an organized and graphic world.
All we really have to do is follow the dots and continue the lines.
If we do, life will be simple, and the picture will be complete.
However, it’s the times we choose the wrong dots that makes life worth living.

watch the sun go down over the ocean tide,
the wind is blowing from the shore through my hair.
it’s beautiful tonight oh, i can’t explain, but i want to feel like a butterfly,
as free as i want to be; as open as the sea

It’s sitting by the overcoat
On the second shelf, the note he wrote
That I can’t bring myself to throw away.

She’s only 18,
Don’t like the Rolling Stones.
She took a short cut
To being full grown.
She’s got that mood ring
And a little sister rose.
The smell of Springsteen
And a pair of pantyhose.

We talked and the moon was bright
Your words were glowing as they drifted out of sight
But now the change of the seasons sets in and nothing, nothing feels just right

dressed up for a big date, like halloween, but it was only
Fourth Of July. a car crash with a suitcase & a painted face.
she was one of a kind, she wears a plastic crown like Cinderella,
& rollerskates in the bed.

& eventually the sky did return & i was there outside in green.
& i watched the world being reborn till one am.
so i thought i’d let you know it was beautiful, slow,
dancing to the tunes of Billie Holiday.
the city looked wonderful that way.

To the lovely dancing lights,
I begged, “May I cut in?”
But they never stopped playing their song.
Oh that song, it was a happy one.
And I heard whispers,
They said that this place was much
Too good for me.

There is no room in the backseat for you tonight sweetie,
I’m in there, yet with another. You can stay true, but don’t
expect me to. I’m as free as a bird, and you, are keeping me down.

Oh girl, let’s crash that party.
El Dorado on the lawn
Let’s burn holes in the carpet.
We’ll be kicking and shouting.
And dancing on tables all night long.

Taking chances on the rooftops of your hometown
you’re so cute when your feet make love to the ground.
and you’ve got such lovely blue eyes.
can’t forget about the stars and your night skies.

the interstates & eighteen wheelers,
the sketches on the rest stop bathroom stalls,
i call her from a hotel pay phone so far from it all,
the odometer is hypnotizing,
the tires turn the dirt for miles & miles,
i wanna see the nashville skyline if only for awhile.

oh dollface
you look brilliant,
radiant but dimmed by the bed sheets
hands pinned down at our sides
and intent for defeat
dry your eyes,
dance in the sunlight




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