AUTUMN:: That Ole Familiar Feeling Of Fall

Dirt Roads
It’s that time of year again. Autumn is certainly upon us and before I know it, it will already be winter time around here. Each and every year past has been the same. I’m never quite fully prepared to deal with the blistering cold months of Northern VT or its harsh weather conditions.

Psychologically it has a profound effect on me as well. Not just in the physical sense. But this year I’m determined to think ahead for once and prepare before for whatever may come my way! Keeping busy, active, and more aware of my surroundings has been the game-plan of the last several weeks. So far, so good.

That said, how do you feel about the ending seasons of the year?

What effect do they have on you and your life?

And most importantly, what activities and/or events specifically scream FALL / AUTUMN to you personally every year?

I’m interested to hear what they are. So spill the beans, lovers! Don’t be shy! Anything and everything, as long as it relates to our current time of year.

So here it goes! Now it’s your turn to share after reading this post and give me your own input here.

Ready, Set, GOOOOOO!!!!!!

Stuck in traffic on the Sandbar



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