Stylish Changes From Summer to Fall Fashion

Almost every year I find myself never quite able to grasp the concept of making the  adequate change between my summer clothing and into my warmer wardrobe as the autumn months start closing in. It feels like I miss out on the fun, more flexible style approach to dressing during the months leading up to winter days. It’s always been one extreme or the other– hot or cold: light or heavy. I’ve never really given myself the chance to explore the possibilities for these ‘in between’ months or felt allowed to play around with all they’ve got to offer.
So naturally I’ve decided to do a somehow better job of transitioning my fashion and style between the seasons. Hopefully to free up some more space for creativity and fun. It might be a good way of helping me come to some conclusions to the question I’ve been wrestling with; What style best shows who I want the outside world to see me as.
How do I best represent that idea?
Where Do I even start?
I drew a blank and hit the web for some inspiration and/or light from another source beyond myself. That’s when I stumbled upon the following article by elementsofstyleblog about making the change between seasons fashionably and practically, along with two image examples of ideas for putting together a trendy, new look.  I couldn’t resist sharing it below.
I recently tried on the J.Crew Liquid silk skirt in navy and was so shocked at how much I loved it. The fit was amazing and the material a dream, but I wasn’t sure I could make it work for both the warmer days of early September and also the chilly fall ones of the months to come. So I wanted to show how to make an item like this work for both seasons! (And yes, I bought it).
End of Summer
INto the Fall


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